We Wear The Mask Exhibition

  1. Sunday Dinner

    by Joseph Burney


    7PM - 10PM

    Dinner served at 7:30pm

    A southern wellness feast!

    Featuring an 8 course meal with locally sourced ingredients!

    1436 Tremont Place, Denver, CO 80202

    Tickets at:  https://events.eventnoire.com/e/sunday-dinner

    Cuisine Theme: Southern Wellness Feast: combining traditional southern cuisine with a focus on nutritious and wholesome ingredients. 

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  2. We Wear The Mask Opening Night

    by Joseph Burney

    "I popped into a few conversations groups of people were having about the art and the surrounding culture. It was giving Gertrude Stein and the lost generation in France where the likes of Josephine Baker partied with Salvador Dali and Picasso while jazz perfumed the air!"
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