The Natchural Project 

A social sculpture and photo project around Black identity in America. We brought the People to the institution and created art and shared our stories. The result was a redefinition of identity from students, teachers, and artists in which a more complex and inclusive depiction of who we are in America was revealed through photos. Our hopes are to continue a dialogue between institutions and marginalized groups around systemic oppression, representation, images, and identity.


Directed, Edited, Shot, Produced by: J. Benjamin Burney

(c) Nov. 2021





Indie: Music Video


Written and Edited for the People by J. Benjamin Burney (aka Zoid Ham) 🎹 Music production by @mickey_majors  


(c) July 2020



Purpose: Decode our thinking about systemic racism, police brutality, and our collective oppression, while offering financial support to programs created to aid the people. Questions for us: Have we been terrorized into accepting things as they are? Why are we divided by class, race, gender, and sexual orientation instead of unified? What are your greatest fears in society? How helpful have the police been in your life? How do we stop a system who’s first and last resort is violence on its own people without becoming succumbing your violence ourselves?


RADICAL - Real Activists Dreaming Independently Creating Amerikan Leaders. ARE Ü RAD!CAL? 





Instinct: A Short Poem

A Short video poem introducing a collection of couture garments designed, and curated by ZAH.

Directed, Edited, Written, Produced by: J. Benjamin Burney

(c) June 2019





This is Hamerikah:

A Short video collage on the American Dream from the Black American perspective.

Directed, Edited, Produced by: J. Benjamin Burney

(c) June 2017




Jazz Iz A Four Letter Word:
A full length documentary on an aging Jazz musician and his journey through Mexico with his son.
Directed and Edited by: J. Benjamin Burney
(c) August 2012