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Zoid Life

Zoid Art Haus is a design house based in Denver, Colorado that uses storytelling to create experiences, products, and services geared toward making a more inclusive, equitable, and empathetic society... LEARN MORE

New Art: The Machine Dreams

In a time when technology has infiltrated all parts of culture we have to ask ourselves: what is in the soul of the creator, and what machines are we creating? Working in the philosophical ideas of Frankenstein and Blade Runner these collages are new "creations" that bridge the gap between human and machine and attempt to understand what it means to be real.

Art Projects:

"It Never Rains Under The Black Rainbow: Prompts for a Black Utopia

A New series of AI Generated Chopped and Screwed Images by Zoid Hæm: BLACK UTOPIA

Video Art: Digital Mike

Art Projects: Art Talks

Art Talks

Become fluent in the language of yourself. -ZAH

Art Projects: The Natural Project

We Are Art

The Natchural Project is all about representation. We are beautiful and we need to see it.

In 2021 ZAH was founded and offers Arts Administration, Curation, Creative Direction, Marketing, and Project Management services to businesses and creatives.

Our ultimate goal is to a create long lasting community by designing programs and places that teach, create, document, and distribute art.

We will continue to serve our community by designing unique experiences, artworks, and opportunities that inform and imagine our world for the better.