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Zoid Life

Zoid Art Haus is a design house based in Denver, Colorado that uses storytelling to create experiences, products, and services geared toward making a more inclusive, equitable, and empathetic society.

Zoid Life

  1. The Curious Cabinet of Beyoncé, Basquiat, and Tiffany

    The Curious Cabinet of Beyoncé, Basquiat, and Tiffany: Critiques on the Aesthetics of Value   Thesis: Looking at the Tiffany Ad (About Lov...
  2. Economies of Speculation

    Cohort, what is the earth’s “Salvage Value?” Are we a global corporation, a hive, making what, just more? More of the same old story? But here is where I have shown my hand, for speculation is a lie we use to tell the truth, this could also be defined as a story or myth. And so that deep shadowy question around identity is framed and parceled by stories which are bought and sold in all forms of currency.

We Are Art

The Natchural Project is all about representation. We are beautiful and we need to see it.