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  • We Wear The Mask

We Wear The Mask

"We Wear the Mask: A Visual Exploration of Identity and Disguise." This thought-provoking group art exhibition delves into the multifaceted concept of masks in our society and highlights local professional artists.

Opening Night Oct. 28th, 2023


  • Poems Can Fly
  • Poems Can Fly
  • Poems Can Fly
  • Poems Can Fly
  • Poems Can Fly
  • Poems Can Fly
  • Poems Can Fly
  • Poems Can Fly
  • Poems Can Fly

Poems Can Fly

Poems Can Fly is the first collection of poetry and short stories from author and artist Zoid Hæm. Dive into a new world where magic, love, and dreams keep our eyes fixed on the sky and help us all to believe that poems can fly.


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Zoid Art Haus is a design house based in Denver, Colorado that uses storytelling to create experiences, products, and services geared toward making a more inclusive, equitable, and empathetic society... LEARN MORE

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The Natchural Project is all about representation. We are beautiful and we need to see it.


  1. We Wear The Mask Art Exhibition

    This multimedia group art show highlights local Denver, Colorado professional artists, and aims to capture the essence of disguise, transformation, and self-expression through the practice of art.
  2. Primitivism is a Lie

    One late night during my photography class my students asked me about the history of modern art and well... I got a few things off my chest.