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Ain't I A Woman

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Ain't I A Woman? (Sojourner's Throne)

Acrylic Paint Pens on plastic chair
3.5 ft H x 2ft W x 2ft D (1 of 1)
(c.) August 2022



This artwork is a throne to the beauty, power, and resilience of Black womxn. “Ain't I A Woman?" is the famous speech given by Sojourner Truth about how she and all womxn are at the very foundation of change and power in the world. Upon reading her speech over the summer I had a dream that a Black womxn's hand cradled me and turned into a throne, and this artwork brings that dream into fruition. Writing Sojourner's entire speech out on the chair and then painting layer after layer of glow-in-the-dark acrylic over the nails I found myself both in a mood of reverence and self care. This work is a shout out to all Black Womxn who sit at the intersection of culture and change to let you know that you are a queen boo, and your hand is the throne of the world. - ZAH

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5% of earnings will be donated to local social organizations that help feed, support, and protect our community. 
In the future everyone will live poetry. Every day becomes a line and every night becomes a rhyme. This is the world of 2111. The future rests on our dreams. -ZAH