• Piggy Bank - Matted Print

Piggy Bank - Matted Print

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Piggy Bank
Illustration with ink and color pencil
8.5 x 11in (c.) Jun. 2020 @zoidham

"Defund the police. Using violence or cages will never get to the core of the problem, instead we make sure there isn’t a problem by providing resources, education, and options for all.”

Signed artwork printed on Heavy Gloss paper 8.5 x 11 and framed in a 11x15 Bevel precut white core matte. 20% of earnings will be donated to local social organizations that help feed, support, and protect our community. 

In the future everyone will live poetry. Every day becomes a line and every night becomes a rhyme. This is the world of 2111. The future rests on our dreams. -ZAH