• Fly - Matted Print

Fly - Matted Print

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Collage / Acrylic & Oil on Canvas
8.5 x 11 in (c.) Feb. 2021 @zoidham

"I just been speaking my truth a lot
I just been thinking bout you a lot
Run some up baby for Ahmaud
Run some more up baby for Elijah
These are the dreams you can’t deny
These are the roots that will touch the sky
Keep your chin up baby don’t you cry
Wait till you see how our people fly
If you believe baby you will fly
If you believe baby you will fly
We are the people... who could fly."

Signed artwork printed on Heavy Gloss paper 8.5 x 11 and framed in a 11x15 Bevel precut white core matte. 20% of earnings will be donated to local social organizations that help feed, support, and protect our community. 

In the future everyone will live poetry. Every day becomes a line and every night becomes a rhyme. This is the world of 2111. The future rests on our dreams. -ZAH