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✊🏾 “I must follow my mind, there is no turning back from awareness.”✊🏾 - George Jackson 

To George Jackson one of the greatest revolutionary minds in history. At age 18, Jackson was convicted on dubious evidence of a gas station robbery of $70. Based on prior arrests, Jackson was sentenced to between one year and life in prison. He spent the next 11 years of his short 29 year life in prison. Prison would instill in him a thirst for freedom for all the people of the world. He organized sit-ins at segregated cafeterias, taught martial arts to inmates, became an avid student of revolutionary literature, and wrote two books “Soledad Brother” and “Blood in my eye”, both became best sellers. 
On August 7, 1970 George’s little brother Jonathan, an avid believer in his brothers teachings stormed the Marin County courthouse, taking several hostages including a judge, and demanded freedom for the three incarcerated men. Four people were killed in the ensuing shootout, including Jonathan and the judge. Showcasing the savage nature of law enforcement and the justice system.


On August 21, 1971, George Jackson was shot and killed by guards at San Quentin during what authorities alleged was an escape attempt. Somehow, they claimed, Jackson had smuggled a gun into the prison. But the story kept changing and evidence was inconclusive. When George Jackson’s mother, Georgia Jackson, went to see her eldest sons body, a prison guard remarked “we killed one of your sons last year, we got another one this year. You pretty soon will have no sons left.” Georgia Jackson responded “ I have sons throughout the world where ever people are fighting for freedom.”


We must fight back against terror, fear, and modern slavery. Pick up where George Jackson and all those before him left off, the fight for freedom lives on in all of us, we free ourselves! And as George Jackson said to his mother in one of his last letters, “If they kill me mama, I’ll just be dead, but I’ll never kiss their feet."


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