🔥 F!!RE 🔥 Magazine: ARTicle #2 “Vibrate Higher.”

The treble of consciousness quivers in the heavy bass and frequency of life’s song. 

We come to life to learn how to create like the Creator. We are here to appreciate that perfect existence from once we came; call it heaven, paradise, Jannah, or that fine chick Keisha’s house, Yes Lawd! In any case we are here on earth, in this dimension, at this very special time, to create harmony in the world, to be a resonating force and tuning fork for reality.

The rhythm of thought keeps time for the lush solo’s of emotion. 

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Drama is a powerful frequency, do you ever have the highest hopes and intent for getting things done in your day? Trying your best to keep up a positive vibe and then here come’s drama and all that goes out the window? As is life boo, buddhist’s call that Samsara, the realm of suffering. You don’t have to beat yourself up about being distracted or emotional, that’s part of the song, it’s part of the game, and it holds the key for true change. 

We all meet the distorted sounds of hate, negativity, and anxiety. They are predators of our mind’s open savannah, but all beasts are subject to drought. 

There’s no avoiding conflict, so instead of running, or looking for some quick fix that is sold like snake oil, take a beat… take a long beat… recognize:

The external world is made up of elements stemming from your own subconscious mind; what you see and deal with is the result of your own inner conversation.

Who is steering this earth ship we call home? The mind, all is mind, all is you. Breathe deep and be the vibration you want to see, create the choice you want to be and it will manifest. Emotions posses the energy to take us wherever we want to go, it’s up to us to be the compass.

So, to all Indigo children here to attune the world; I challenge you to hold fast to the dream independent of the environment or the people. Vibrate Truth, a frequency that resonates deep within that perfect soul that we all have; the perfectly flawed note that is meant to vibrate and change in time’s long clef. Be an infinite source and reflection of that place we came from, the origin of knowing, holding tight the belief that no matter what, we will rise. Our future is in your mind.

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(photograph by Stacie Yardin Drake - 2018)

 “…When you feel you’ve done about the best you can, muthaf**k the wagon come join the band, vibrate, vibrate higher.” - Andre 3000, Vibrate: https://spoti.fi/2xdctL2


Zoid Ham



In these personal letters I will be reflecting on the Black Lifestyle as it pertains to #Fashion, #Soul, and #Art. I have chosen the name F!!RE for this experience to pay homage to the young black artists of the Harlem Renaissance who shocked the world with a scathing peek into the mind of young and free black folks with their one issue magazine simply called Fire!!.(Source): https://bit.ly/2GwIIY0

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